Firming Cream

GET RID OF Flaccidity!, 200 ml.

Dreaming of hydrated, firm, and taut skin?

The most effective active ingredients to eliminate flaccidity are those that moisturize, have tightening components, and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

And this is how our firming body cream is formulated!

With Organic Silicon, an essential trace element that helps produce collagen and has a super lifting effect.

Centella Asiatica, which not only has healing and firming properties, but also stimulates the formation of support fibers that are essential to prevent the formation of stretch marks.

And we will see how Hamamelis rejuvenates the skin thanks to its antioxidant properties that improve the elastic fibers.

At any time of our lives we can feel that our body loses firmness, not only by the passage of time, but also by the ups and downs of weight (stress, illness, pregnancy ...). So it is ideal to use the cream daily throughout the year and thus avoid the consequences of the alterations that the skin may suffer.

It is easy to apply, is quickly absorbed, and has a pleasant scent.

The result is a firm, smooth, and moisturized skin.

  • All skin types that require preventing or treating lack of firmness.
  • Creamy texture and pleasant smell.
  • Not tested on animals.

    Body Firm Pack

    No more skin flaccidity!

    Flaccidity is one of the most complicated body problems to treat. So if you want to firm your skin with visible results, give this pack a try!

    You will find two essential products. The Exfoliating Bath Gel, apart from cleansing and refreshing, will eliminate dead cells and impurities thanks to the biodegradable micro granules of apricot kernel. This will prepare our skin to better absorb the cosmetic properties of the Firming Cream, which is also included in this pack.

    The Active Firming Cream will restore the tissues to reshape the silhouette. Rich in centella asiatica and organic silicon, this cream will firm, stimulate collagen formation, reinforce elasticity, improve blood circulation, and prevent the formation of stretch marks.

    An ideal pack to treat flaccidity throughout the year and enjoy the summer season without complexes.

    • Exfoliating Bath Gel
    • Active Firming Cream