Hydra Plus Pack

    Dehydration and first wrinkles?

    Is your skin lacking hydration and/or are you starting to see expression lines or wrinkles?

    In this pack you will find 3 key products to instantly bring comfort to your skin , boost hydration, and visibly smooth wrinkles.

    The  Hyaluronic Acid Serum has a fluid texture, is instantly absorbed, and has a great penetrating power to repair the skin, providing elasticity and skin softness.

    The Hyaluronic Eye Contour is the best eye contour you can give to your skin. It will provide deep hydration, will offer an antioxidant and illuminating effect, and will visibly reduce wrinkles thanks to its magnificent formulation.

    And what better than to complete our skin care with the ultra moisturizing Hyaluronic Cream , with a soft and melting texture! You will see how wrinkles diminish, showing a much younger appearance.

    Without any doubt, this is a spectacular pack based on the most popular and desired active ingredient in the beauty world for its great and extraordinary repairing properties.


    Hyaluronic acid works:

    • With great capacity to attract and retain water, providing turgidity and hydration to the cells.
    • Participating in cell regeneration so that its application stimulates this process.
    • Helping us and facilitating the creation of more collagen.

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