Spots Control Pack

    Spots or uneven skin tone?

    This pack will not leave you indifferent, 3 specific products to repair the skin from photoaging and other blemishes caused by post-acne, hormonal processes, stress, or aging.dad.

    You will find a box of Ferulic + Vit C, containing 30 ampoules with an advanced formulation. It's an ideal concentrate to improve the signs of aging, provide luminosity, unify the skin tone, and also give us an immediate lifting effect.

    It also includes a depigmenting cream with kojic acid and aha's to eliminate skin spots and hyperpigmentation. You will be amazed with the results!

    And finally, a MUST to get rid of spots: the sunscreen SPF50+, which is an ultra-light cream with invisible effect (no shine, no whitish effect) that guarantees a very high protection against the harmful effects of the sun's rays.

    • Ferúlico + Vit-C
    • Brightening Cream
    • Protect SPF 50+

    Ferulic acid acts by:

    • Neutralizing and repairing oxidative stress.
    • Preventing photoaging.
    • Attenuating spots.
    • Being a powerful antioxidant, photoprotective, and anti-wrinkle.

    The brightening cream acts by:

    • Inhibiting the action of melanin, since it acts on the melanin precursor enzymes.
    • Preventing and reducing skin spots.
    • Increasing luminosity and evening out skin tone.

    The sunscreen acts by:

    • Protecting the skin from the sun and UVA rays.
    • Deeply moisturizing and repairing the tissues.

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