Body Reduce Pack

    Unwanted cellulite or body fat?

    If you are looking for products to reshape your silhouette, this pack is definitely for you.

    We are sure it is the perfect combination because:

    The Fat Burner Reducing Gel combats the most stubborn fat.

    The Anti-cellulite Emulsion reduces cellulite and widespread fat.

    The Anti-cellulite Emulsion by Transparent Clinic contains a high concentration of active ingredients and stimulants that contribute to prevent and combat "orange peel skin", reactivate microcirculation, tone up, and facilitate the elimination of toxins. The result is a smoother and softer skin, with a visible improvement in cellulite areas.

    The Fat Burner Reducing Gel has a warming effect and is quickly absorbed. Thanks to its reducing action, it treats localized fat in areas such as the hips, belly, buttocks, or thighs. It has L-Carnitine which produces a reddening and warming effect that activates the metabolism. You can use it before doing exercise to obtain better results!

    • Anti-cellulite Emulsion
    • Fat Burner Reducing Gel

    L-Carnitine works by:

    • Fat burning: It can act as a very powerful fat burner, as it is responsible for the transport of fatty acids to the cells to be used as energy in the body, thus providing us with that extra help we sometimes need to reduce some centimetres on strategic areas.

    The Algae Extract works by:

    • Draining toxins and activating blood circulation.
    • Toning, firming, and providing smoothness.
    • Improving the appearance of the skin and reducing fluid retention.

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