About us


The history of Transparent Clinic is the history of the Sainz family.A family, whose trajectory has always been marked by its passion for the world of cosmeticsand its entrepreneurial character.Therefore, after the international success of its professional cosmetics brand Anubis Barcelona,the Sainz family, far from settling in, decides to take a step further in the world of cosmetics andundertake a new challenge.

Thus, Transparent Clinic was born more than 20 years ago in Barcelona.Originally distributed exclusively in beauty clinics, the brand has always been characterized bythe constant development of trend products and a high component in R & D.

The history of Transparent Clinic changed substantially when the founders had the vision torefocus their strategy. Why address to a few women if they could address to all of them? Transparent Clinic is none other than responding to the skin care needs of today's women by making top quality cosmetic products available to them in an accessible and affordable way.


Because we always look to the future.

In everything we do.

Fruit of our experience.

Because we like things well done.

Because without it there is no trust.

"Given the saturation of proposals in the cosmetics market, at Transparent Clinic we want to offer a range of products that give consumers back their confidence in what they are buying. Therefore, we like to share how we do things and spread our passion for things well done.”



It is very clear to us that without transparency there is no trust

Our formula for gaining the trust of our consumers is none other than to be close, honest and clear with them throughout the process of developing our products.

1. By attending to real needs:
e like to listen to our consumers and develop products that meettheir needs.

2. By sharing how we work to ensure the highest quality of ourproducts:
• We carry out an exhaustive monitoring of the traceability of all ouringredients.
• We always work in clean rooms that guarantee maximumefficiency and control throughout the entire manufacturing process.
• All our products are tested throughout the development andmanufacturing process to ensure their effectiveness and quality.

3. By being clear on the benefits of our products, without artifice.